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industrial chiller repair

Airwel Enterprises are specialized in Industrial Chiller Service, Repair and Maintenance. We have qualified team of technicians to provide Industrial Chiller Services for all brands of chillers including all imported brands.Our skilled engineers are located across Chennai to help reduce this down time and get your chiller fully functioning. so you can trust us to get your chiller running as quickly as possible.

About Industrial Chiller

Industrial chillers are classified as a refrigeration system that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. A chiller will use either a vapor compression or absorption cycle to cool. Chilled water has a variety of applications from space cooling to process uses.

Types of Industrial Chiller

A chiller is rated between one to 1000 tons of cooling energy. There are three different types of chillers:(1) air, (2) water, and (3) evaporative condensed chiller. There are four subcategories in each of the above categories for industrial chillers: (1) reciprocating, (2) centrifugal, (3) screw driven (4) and absorption chillers. The first three types are mechanical chillers which are powered by electric motors, steam, or gas turbines. An absorption chiller is powered by a heat source such as steam and uses no moving parts.

Components of an Industrial Chiller

The mechanical compression cycle has four basic components through which the refrigerant passes: (1) the evaporator (2) the compressor (3) the condenser (4) the expansion valve. The evaporator in the chiller will operate at a lower pressure and lower temperature than the condenser.

Maintenance of Industrial Chillers

Industrial chillers are designed to perform at peak efficiency. Maintenance steps done on a regular basis will help guarantee your chiller will perform at an optimized efficiency level.

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