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reciprocating chiller repair

Airwel Enterprises are specialized in Reciprocating Chiller Service, Repair and Maintenance. We have qualified team of technicians to provide Reciprocating Chiller Services for all brands of chillers including all imported brands.Our skilled engineers are located across Chennai to help reduce this down time and get your chiller fully functioning. so you can trust us to get your chiller running as quickly as possible.

About Reciprocating chillers

Reciprocating chillers are the heart of most central systems for medium sized buildings. They consist of one or more reciprocating or scroll compressor-motor assembly, air- or water-cooled condenser (and condenser air fan(s)), insulated liquid cooler, expansion device, interconnecting refrigerant piping, oil and refrigerant charge, control panel and wiring, auxiliaries, and the compressor motor-starter. They are made in both full- and semi-hermetic and open types. They are manufactured, factory assembled and tested, charged, and shipped in one assembly up to about 2,00 tons capacity. Installation consists of piping supply and return chilled water piping, (and cooling water piping where applicable,) power wiring and interconnection of external controls, evacuation and charging when necessary, check-out and startup. Units are also available without any condenser for field piping to a separate remote air-cooled or evaporative condenser.

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